Castrol Power 1 Racing 10w40 4L



  • A motorcycle oil that has the Castrol TrizoneTM Technology which ensures maximum protection performance for the engine.

  • Lfull synthetic lubricant, designed for modern 4-stroke engines installed in high performance sports bikes. Provides an increase in acceleration and engine power in a sustained manner right up to the maximum rpm level.

    • Synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine lubricant with Trizone™ Technology.

    • Tested and proven to provide exceptional acceleration from the moment the throttle is touched.

    • Fast fluid, staying strong, reducing internal engine friction even in the most severe driving conditions.

    • The results obtained in the tests show how Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W40 provides an improvement in acceleration compared to a general 20W50 lubricant on the market.