About us? — FuelDongle.es®

About us?

FuelDongle.es® Is a registered trademark with the OEPM and with ongoing product patents.
In FuelDongle.es ® We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic products to offer solutions in terms of performance, safety and handling for racing motorcycles, both circuit, enduro or street.
In 2021 We started with the design, programming and testing of prototypes to improve the performance of 5000 motorcycle models.
In 2022 We launched hundreds of emulators for lambda probes, EVAP systems, PAIR systems, SAS systems and AIS systems.
In 2023 We expand our catalog and introduce all kinds of spare parts such as oils, filters, carbon parts, CNC parts... etc.
Our warehouse is in Spain and we send orders to all the countries of the world through our website, although we also work with platforms such as eBay or Wallapop with thousands of positive opinions.