MOFESSOR Universal Automatic Chain Oiler —®

MOFESSOR Universal Automatic Chain Oiler

Include handlebar support? (+10€)



  • MOFESSOR Is an automatic chain lubrication system. A compact design and high quality details combined in a global system of easy installation.
  • Intuitive operation: Lubrication holiness freely selectable in 10 steps.
  • Expert mode: In addition to the preset levels, now the amount of oil can be programmed freely and saved according to the needs.
  • Road or off-road driving: To Spontaneously pile the amount of oil with the push of a button.
  • Temperature Control: The amount of oil is automatically adjusted and therefore is independent of the ambient temperature and the season of the year.
  • Innovative clamping system: Easy installation of oil line and nozzle application.
  • Positive effects on the transmission chain: Less wear, the chain tension is maintained for longer, significantly longer chain life, more power on the rear wheel, lower fuel consumption.
  • Scope: 50ml oil~ 5,000 KM (standard)
  • EXTRA: Double nozzle, grease more precisely right on the chain seals.