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ABS Dongle Yamaha Tenere 700



  • ABS Off Road Dongle for Yamaha Tenere 700.
  • This ABS Dongle modifies the behavior of the ABS configuration, adding two new functionalities:

    • Allows you to deactivate the ABS completely or only ABS on the rear wheel.
    • Add the functionality of "Memory" so that, if the motorcycle is turned off and turned on again, keep the ABS system deactivated both on the two wheels and only on the rear.

How does it work?

  • A quick press of the ABS button will allow you to choose between rear ABS off or rear ABS on.
  • A long press (approximately 1 second) will allow the ABS system to be fully activated or completely deactivated.
  • The selected mode will be saved in memory even if the bike turns off.

Note: Rear ABS disconnection can be done while running. However, the total disconnection of the ABS system can only be done when the motorcycle is not in motion, the speed has to be 0. Unfortunately this is programmed in the ECU and cannot be modifiable.


T700 Euro 5 - LCD Screen

  • Tenere 700 2023 (European Models).
  • Tenere 700 2024 (European and American Model).
  • Tenere 700 World Raid 2022 (European and American Model).
  • And all T7 with color TFT screen and red diagnosis connector.

T700 Euro 5 - Monochromatic Screen

  • Tenere 700 2021-2022 (European and American Version).
  • Tenere 700 2023 (American Version).
  • And all T700 with red diagnosis connector and monochromatic screen.

T700 Euro 4 - Monochromatic Screen

  • Tenere 700 2019-2020 (European and American Version).
  • And all T700 with white diagnosis connector and monochromatic screen.