Side Stand Switch Eliminator ST-19 —®

Side Stand Switch Eliminator ST-19




  • All new bikes come with a sensor on the side stand / kickstand. Its mission is to prevent starting with a gear engaged and start with the kickstand unfolded.
  • This can cause serious problems on an enduro or supermotard motorcycle, because it cuts off the ignition as soon as it does not detect the position of the stand.
  • With this dongle a signal is sent to the control unit so that it detects that the stand is always removed, avoiding all the previous problems.



  • Prevents the motorcycle from stopping due to a sensor malfunction.
  • Replace faulty sensors.
  • Easy installation, unplug the sensor and put on the dongle.
  • Possibility of eliminating the stand for circuit motorcycles with its consequent weight reduction.

Additional information:

  • Sealed OEM connector.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Maximum quality and guarantee.
  • All our products are designed for use in competition and/or on closed circuits.



  • Installation is simple, follow the sensor cables that you will find next to the side stand to its connector, disconnect and install the dongle. Later you can remove the entire kickstand system from the bike.
  • Click Here To see our Installation guides.


Compatible Models:


    • Bullet 500 > 2013 - 2021
    • Classic 500 > 2013 - 2021
    • Continental GT 535 > 2014 - 2018
    • Himalayan 411 > 2018 - 2022
    • EFI Trials > 2019 - 2020