Bardahl XT4 R 10w60 —®

Bardahl XT4 R 10w60 1L




  • Engine oil Bardahl XT4 R 10w60 (1 liter)
  • Special lubricant developed for use in extreme conditions used in the world of competition.
  • Competition, Hypersport and Off-road. Formulated to offer maximum performance for 4T motorcycles. Suitable for engines with integrated and separate gearbox, with wet or dry clutches.

  • The exclusive use of PAO bases and synthetic esters in the formulation and special polymers (Radial Polymer Structure) with very high shear stability, allows the lubricants of the range XT4-R C60 to maintain the necessary viscosity of the oil in a wide range of temperatures ensuring Lubrication always effective, even in the most extreme situations.
  • Tailored MCO Chemistry – Tailor made for motorcycle applications and added with Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene C60. Contains very high strength radial polymer structures. Formulated 100% with PAO bases and synthetic esters.