Lithium Battery 0.8kg HJTX14HFP —®

Lithium Battery 0.8kg HJTX14HFP



  • Lightness: Lithium batteries are up to 4 times lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries. In this case we save 2.2kg compared to the standard AGM battery.
  • Higher capacity or starting power compared to normal batteries.
  • It is characterized mainly by its longer life cycle, and this is thanks to the fact that Skyrich batteries have more than 2000 cycles, compared to 500 gel cycles.
  • In addition, because it has a low self-discharge, it prolongs its useful life. The discharge voltage is stable, 5% per month at most, which allows the engine performance to be stable and the motorcycle to run more easily.
  • Less polluting: Lithium batteries are made from new materials (high-density lithium iron phosphate - LiFePO4), and unlike normal batteries, they do not contain lead, mercury or cadmium, or sulfuric acid.
  • Higher energy density: It is up to three times greater than the conventional one, so the energy per unit volume is three times greater.
  • Requires no maintenance: It is not necessary to refill the acid battery and it does not have leakage problems. In addition, it is possible to install it in any direction in a safe and stable way.
  • This Skyrich HJTX14H-FP battery is certified by UL Lab and has also passed CQC quality safety tests.
  • Greater security: since lithium cannot ignite or explode.
  • They are waterproof batteries and totally waterproof due to their impermeability.
  • Its charging time is very low, that fast charge allows us to have the battery at 90% in just 6 minutes.
  • Promotes constant tension


Compatible models:

  • KTM:
    • 1290 Super Duke > 2014 - 2023
    • 1290 Super Duke GT > 2016 - 2023
    • 1290 Super Adventure > 2015 - 2023