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Rapid Bike EVO EURO 5 Husqvarna 701 KTM 690 GasGas 700




  • This RapidBike EVO offers us the long-awaited solution for motorcycles with EURO5 regulations, since, to adjust them, the only solution was the reprogramming of the original ECU.
  • By modifying the exhaust system and/or the original intake system of the motorcycle, we make more air enter and exit more easily, this results in an impoverishment of the air/gasoline mixture (AFR - Air/Fuel Ratio). Motorcycles with regulations EURO 5 have a very poor AFR, which we will get worse by modifying the intake/exhaust systems.
  • An high AFR, Implies that the motorcycle it will not go well, it will stop at low RPM, it will have pulls and rattles, the exhaust temperatures will be excessive and the throttle response will not be accurate.
  • The new Rapid Bike EVO external ECU, manage injection automatically with an automatic system that reads the signal of all sensor. Completely plug & play assembly.
  • This external ECU will self-adjust depending on the accessories we have installed so that the motorcycle works with a correct air/gasoline mixture.
  • Having a correct AFR is fundamental for proper engine operation. We will avoid pulls and rattles at low RPM, we will have an immediate throttle response, exhaust temperatures will decrease and we will get a power increase.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • Injection:
    The new Rapid Bike EVO manages injectors with the possibility of varying the amount of fuel injected (duty cycle) from-100% to 150%, mapping customization with 320 intervention points, rpm values with steps of 50 rpm and advanced functions state-of-the-art in map management. It also includes the map selection function while driving, using a special (optional) handlebar selector.

  • Lambda probe modulation:
    The most important novelty of the new Rapid Bike EVO is self-adaptation: the module controls and adjusts carburetion automatically, by automatically processing a correction map that works while using the motorcycle, always obtaining a set-up. Perfect, instant instantly. The connection to the original Lambda probe has two purposes:

    1 °-Read the probe signal, to check the air/fuel ratio in real time

    2 °-Intervene on the signal sent to the original switchboard, "deceiving" the present unit to allow the correction of the injection, thus obtaining the best performance




Compatible Models:

  • KTM:

    • 690 Enduro / Enduro R > 2021 - 2024
    • 690 SM/SMR/SMC > 2021 - 2024

    • 701 Supermoto > 2021 - 2024
    • 701 Enduro > 2021 - 2024

    • ES700 > 2021 - 2024
    • SM700 > 2021 - 2024