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DP Brakes SDP PRO-MX SDP617MX Yamaha Tenere 700




  • Brake pads front of high friction HH + for off road use. The friction material is a sintered copper alloy that offers powerful braking with fast break-in, high initial bite and low lever effort.
  • All pads employ the ceramic heat shield (registered DP trademark) which prevents brake fade.
  • Developed by factory race teams like Monster Energy Pro-Circuit and Team Suzuki Off-Road, SDP PRO-MX pickups are perfect for when performance is the primary requirement.



  • These brake pads need an initial break-in to work properly. It is done through a series of soft braking, allowing some time to pass between each braking.
  • Thanks to this we achieve a good thermal and heating cycle, system cooling and better braking.
  • Remember that motorcycles with double disc brakes and double calipers need to buy 2 sets of pads (4 pads).


Compatible models:


    • Tenere 700 > 2019 - 2023