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DP Brakes X-Race Titanium RDP638




  • High friction front brake pads for use in competition. The X-race titanium compound outperforms the old RDP pill. They maintain the qualities of fast break-in, no noise and dust, rotor wear and longevity.
  • DP Brakes allow for exceptional braking and high mileage of use in conditions as extreme as mud, wet sand and worse situations that leave other brake pads far behind.

Running in:

Running in:

  • These brake pads need an initial break-in to work properly. It is done through a series of soft braking, allowing some time to pass between each braking.
  • Thanks to this we achieve a good thermal and heating cycle, system cooling and better braking.


Compatible Models:


    • 701 Supermoto > 2016 - 2020
  • KTM:

    • 690 SM/SMR/SMC > 2016 - 2020