Fuel Dongle PP-45




  • Dongle designed for motorcycles with Euro 5 regulations. Due to pollution regulations, the stoichiometric mixture (AFR) is reduced in a certain RPM range, causing the engine to run lean on gasoline. A lean-burn engine will be unstable, jerk, overheat, and have a noticeable loss in performance.



  • Elimination of jerks, rattles and instabilities at low RPM.
  • Improves engine response at low and medium RPM.
  • Reduced exhaust and engine temperature.
  • Sets the ideal AFR for engine operation.
  • Plug & Play.

Additional information:

  • Does not increase fuel consumption.
  • No engine fault appears.
  • Compatible with exhausts with and without catalyst.
  • Required when removing catalytic converter.
  • Mandatory when installing external switchboards.
  • Sealed OEM connectors.
  • This dongle is sandwiched between the probe and the connector.
  • All our products are designed for use in competition and/or on closed circuits.


    Technical operation:

    • ECU is set to have too lean AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) exactly 14.7 at <5000 RPM and 20% throttle. Once the engine has reached its operating temperature, the O2 sensors provide information to the motor unit and be able to maintain the mixture at 14.7.
    • Due to this, there is an increase in the temperature of the engine, of the exhaust system added to jerks and rattles during the march.
    • Putting one of our dongles on sends a signal to the control unit to lower the mix one notch and set the AFR to 13.8. All this translates into a better performance of the motorcycle.




    Compatibility with the following models:

      • Z900 / Z900RS > 2021 - 2023