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Fuel Dongle PP-67



  • This kit allows Remove the oxygen sensor or lambda probe from the exhaust .
  • Oxygen sensors or lambda probes installed in the exhaust Limit engine performance Since its function is to control gas emissions.
  • Due to the Pollution regulations , The stoichiometric mixture (AFR) is Lift In a certain RPM range, making the engine go Poor gasoline .
  • An engine with a Poor mix Will be Unstable, will give jerks, overheat and have a noticeable loss of performance.


  • Removal Of pulls, rattles and instabilities at low RPM.
  • Improvement The engine response at low and medium RPM.
  • Reduces The exhaust and engine temperature.
  • Set A correct AFR for engine operation.
  • Plug & Play .

Additional information:

  • Does not increase Fuel consumption.
  • Does not appear Engine failure.
  • Compatible With exhausts with and without catalyst.
  • Connectors OEM Sealed.
  • All our products are designed for use in competition and/or closed circuits.


  • The engine control unit (ECU) is configured to have an AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) Too poor, exactly 14.7 to <5000 RPM and 20% throttle.
  • Once the engine has reached its operating temperature, O2 sensors provide information to the motor unit and be able to keep the mixture at 14.7.
  • Because of this, it occurs An increase in the temperature of the engine, of the exhaust system added to pulls and rattles while driving.
  • By putting one of our Fuel Dongle A signal is sent to the command unit To lower the mix a point and set the AFR at 13.8 . This means that" We enrich "The mixture and translates In a better operation of the motorcycle.




  • BMW:
    • HP2 > 2007 - 2010
    • R 1200 GS > 2004 - 2018
    • R 1200 GS Adventure > 2006 - 2018
    • R 1200 RT/ST/S/R > 2005 - 2018
    • R 900 RT > 2005 - 2010
    • R nine T > 2013 - 2020