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Fuel Dongle SG-02




  • This dongle is installed in the intake temperature sensor to emulate a temperature of -20ºC above the real temperature.
  • Today's engines are designed to meet very strict emission regulations. To do this, they reduce the stoichiometric mixture (AFR) in a certain RPM range, making the engine go lean of gasoline. An engine with a lean burn will be unstable, jerk, overheat and have noticeable loss of performance.



  • Improves throttle response.
  • Improve acceleration.
  • Enriches the air/fuel mixture.
  • Eliminates jerks and rattles at low to mid RPMs due to lean mixture.
  • Plug & Play.

Additional information:

  • You can increase fuel consumption between 0.2-0.5l/100km.
  • No engine fault appears.
  • Compatible with exhausts with and without catalyst.
  • Sealed OEM connectors.
  • All our products are designed for use in competition and/or on closed circuits.


Technical operation:

  • Today's ECUs are programmed to work in an open/closed loop. This means that it takes signals from various sensors distributed throughout the engine to adjust the injection.
  • The engine maps established in the ECU work in such a way that the lower the ambient temperature, the more amount of gasoline they have to inject.
  • Thanks to this operation, this dongle acts on the IAT or intake temperature sensor, causing the ECU to read -20ºC with respect to the actual temperature. That is, if there is 30ºC in the intake box, the ECU will read 10ºC.
  • With this we managed to raise the fuel injection around +6% in the entire RPM range regardless of the ambient temperature there is.
  • This translates into a significant power increase and improved jerk and rattle. 



  • Installation is simple, locate the IAT sensor in the intake box, disconnect the cable and insert the dongle.


Compatible models:

  • BMW:
    • RS1250GS > 2018 - 2023