CUMPAN Oil Pressure Sensor Kit —®

CUMPAN Oil Pressure Sensor Kit




  • This kit allows you to register The actual oil pressure and view the recorded readings With the CUMPAN 2023 Husqvarna 701 KTM 690 GasGas 700 .

  • The oil pressure switch factory installed by KTM has a warning range below 0.13-0.3 bar). However the oil pressure sensor BEROTEC Measures the actual oil pressure in a range of 0-10 bar .

  • You can adjust a warning threshold that, if not reached, Oil pressure is shown in red.  

  • When using an adapter, the original oil pressure switch and the corresponding oil pressure signal are preserved. This means that there is no interference with the vehicle's sensors and that the manufacturer's warranty remains intact.



  • The pressure of the cold or hot oil can be controlled.
  • Oil in poor weather can be detected by pressure drop.
  • Supervision: Oil pressure may decrease during long journeys making wheelies.
  • Wear detection: Oil dilution due to gasoline can lead to a reduction in oil pressure.
  • Early detection of engine problems.