Motul Chain Cleaning Kit ROAD C1 + C4 —®

Motul Chain Cleaning Kit ROAD C1 + C4



  • Chain cleaning pack for motorcycles consisting of brush + cleaner 400 ml. + chain grease.
  • This pack includes Chain Clean, which is a powerful spray degreaser specific for chains, applicable to any type of motorcycle.
  • This chlorine-free degreaser has been specially formulated to remove all kinds of embedded residues such as dust, mud, sand, dirt, oil, etc. Chain Clean removes the most extreme grease residues from all types of O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains, evaporating quickly.
  • Once the chain is clean, apply the second product in the pack: Chain Lube Factory Line, a lubricant specially designed to lubricate motorcycle chains.
  • Based on solid additives AW/EP (anti-wear and extreme pressure), Motul's Chain Lube Factory Line limits the resistance to friction and significantly improves the transmission performance while retaining its lubricating properties at high temperatures.  
  • Increases duration of chain life, resists water and protects against corrosion. Plus, it contains solvent to remove deposits and penetrate shafts faster. It is designed to protect O-Ring, X-Ring and Z-Ring. type joints.