Motul Motocool Organic 1L —®

Motul Motocool Organic 1L



  • MOTUL MOTOCOOL FACTORY LINE 1L is a high performance coolant, ready for use, made from monoethylene glycol, it uses an organic anti-corrosion additive (OAT – Organic Acid Technology) specific to exceptionally protect the aluminum/magnesium alloys used by manufacturers in the latest generation models.

  • Unparalleled protection in cooling circuits against freezing and corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • The choice and balance of anti-corrosion agents allows to protect aluminum/magnesium alloys even more effectively. Dynamic corrosion test on a motorcycle radiator: 3 times less corrosion compared to a current organic high performance product and technology.

  • Ease of thermal exchange that allows a more efficient cooling of the engine, delaying the boiling point.