Standard Brakes Galfer Sintered Pads —®

Standard Brakes Galfer Sintered Pads




  • GALFER high quality sintered pads for pit bikes for radial brakes OVERMAD, RPM, VOCCA...

  • The GALFER brake pad FD081G1370 , Has the sintered compound, specific for the front or rear brake on pit bikes. Without a doubt, these pills are the best option of a national manufacturer and its own production.
  • The GALFER compound is characterized by being excellent in all conditions of use, achieving progressive braking and low wear. It represents an ideal alternative to the original brake pads, due to its efficiency in both cold and hot and long life in mileage.
  • Greater braking, more efficiency and greater durability than the original ones. Designed for pit bikes with original brake and compatible motorcycles.



  • Compound: Sintered.
  • Anfor: 52,60mm.
  • Altura: 44.10mm.
  • Thickness: 7.50mm.


Root and rhizome spices

  • It is very important for all compounds to do a good running of the brake pads. The correct running of the brake pads is carried out by means of a series of soft braking, allowing some time to pass between one braking and another.

  • This achieves a correct thermal and heating cycle, cooling the system and subsequently better braking. The running period depends on the type of brake pad compound.