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Pit Bike Mall Super Racer R 190cc 2023 + PMT M + Free Shipping





  • Malcor Super Racer R 190cc 2023. Includes:
    • Free Shipping To Spain Peninsula.
    • Tyres PMT Medium .
  • The best option, numbered units with forks Marzocchi Copy Top, Radial Brake OVERMAD, Double flow radiator, light wheels, metal hoses and low-back handlebars RENTHAL.


  • Shipping to Spain Peninsula is FREE.
  • Shipping to the Balearic Islands or Europe are € 100 Which will be added in the last step of the shopping cart.

Additional Information

Additional information:

  • MTR MALCOR continues to think about evolving its motorcycles and proof of this are the novelties that this new season offers us. He continues to surprise all his loyal fans and the competition. With this version MTR MALCOR wants to bet on quality, exclusivity and good work for its customers. We always bet on the highest qualities and the price as tight as possible. The MTR MALCOR SUPER RACER R is undoubtedly the best supermotard motorcycle in the national market and at the best price. Ideal for the highest pilots. Limited units.

  • With this SUPERMOTARD you will not have to loosen one more euro on the bike, it is designed to go fast in a circuit with the best components without you having to pay more for it. Compare and add its components with other brands and you will see that there is no room for doubt to take your MTR MALCOR SUPER RACER R LIMITED EDITION.

  • This year, the super racer R model includes new RENTHAL replica low handlebar, even lighter wheels of 4 drills of only 5.2 kg with lightened hub, non-slip seat, 200ml high flow radiator with exterior protection!! The only ones in having the best in pit bikes. All this manufactured with MTR MALCOR quality. We are also the first manufacturers to include metal hoses in pit bikes as standard!! Best quality so you don't have to spend anything else.

  • Dimensions: 80ctmos from seat to floor, 99ctmos from handlebar to floor and 123.5ctmos between axles.




  • Front Disc Floating 220mm
  • 190mm rear floating disc
  • Blue protaper best grip cuffs
  • Chain kmc 420 gold
  • Blue CNC MALCOR Chain Tensors
  • Blue color aluminum gasoline cap
  • Blue Throttle and Clutch Cables
  • OVERMAD radial front brake
  • High quality cnc blue xfront brake and clutch levers.
  • New Handlebar Low replica of RENTHAL
  • New quick fist
  • Tribberas cut and raised.
  • Red antiparasite pipette cable.
  • New line aluminum handcovers.
  • New silent with carbon tail.
  • MARZOCCHI COPY 710mm Full Adjust K3 Forks with
  • 10% harder springs.
  • PMT or Brirestone tires, subject to availability.
  • New more lightweight tires 4 drills, we reduce 1kg Plus up to 5.2 kg with lightened hub.
  • Racing anti-slip seat
  • Motor zs190
  • Antiparasite coil
  • XL double flow radiator (200ml) with external protection
  • Metal hoses
  • Replica keihin carburetor PE28

More info

More information:

  • Damping:
    MARZOCCHI COPY full adjust 735mm replicate marzocchi hydraulic forks with 37mm inner bar. Adjustable in compression and exension, adjustable both separately on each bar. The best hairpin on the market. DNM TRIPLE MT-BAG REGULATION Damper, adjustable in REBOOT, compression and high speed compression with 800lbs spring and 325mm lontigud.

  • Chassis: Chrome steel, with 440mm extra-long straight tilt.
    This year, malcor goes beyond presenting a new dual cradle chassis called BEST FRAME improved with respect to its economic version. A more boring chassis, less heavy and at the same time rigid, which makes us enjoy the motorcycle like a small child thanks to its stability and few scares on it. This chassis designed conscientiously and tested in many circuits is the ideal for tall people, sport is no longer banned for the shorter ones. With this motorcycle, any rider of more than 1.80ctmos is comfortable on it. In addition, this year with the footrests raised compared to the first version, we do correct and improve the motorcycles.

  • Motor MALCOR ZS190.
    MALCOR ZS190 engine in its latest version with internal oil filter and light magnetic plate.
    It offers a more comfortable and relaxed driving, while more effective. The ZS190 engine adds an extra power with which you can go to the maximum in each corner. Mounts a keihin PE 28mm round door replica carburetor, which achieves maximum performance and greater response from your engine. Hurry your braking and get maximum acceleration. This year with large flow radiator of 200ml capacity!! No competition is ahead.

  • Brake Kit: XFRONT 4-piston large radial front brake with 220mm front and 190mm rear floating brake discs.

  • Rims.
    New even lighter alloy wheels with a lightened 4-hole hub made in 12 "of less weight and with exact measurements for the motard more than contrasted, 3.00" rear and 2.5 "front. Total 5,2kg. Includes PMT tires.

  • Design. Our amazing design for end users. Aesthetics ktm.

  • Packing measures and weight: 162x76x39cm - 75/86kg