ECU Flash Stage 2 Husqvarna 701 KTM 690GASGAS 700 —®

ECU Flash Stage 2 Husqvarna 701 KTM 690GASGAS 700




  • Now you can flash and adjust your original ECU to get the most potential and take care of the engine without having to take the motorcycle to nowhere.
  • In FuelDongle Next to Hospitality Motobox we developed a perfect remapping service through long tests with different exhausts and intakes to leave perfectly tuned LC4 engines both Euro 4 and Euro 5.
  • How does this service work?:

    • Make the purchase of this service by selecting your motorcycle from the list.
    • Then we will send you a shipping label so that you can send us your ECU and we will ask you what accessories you have on your motorcycle, what exhaust and what admission.
    • As soon as we receive your ECU, we will get the personalized mapping, adjusting everything necessary.
    • Once the remapping is finished, we will return your ECU so that you can install it on your motorcycle.

Why remap?

Why remap?

  • The new EURO anti-pollution regulations, Make the bike go with a very high AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio). An High AFR, Implies that the motorcycle it will not go well, it will stop at low RPM, it will have pulls and rattles, the exhaust temperatures will be excessive, the throttle response will not be precise and we have premature wear on our engine.
  • By modifying the exhaust system and/or the original intake system of the motorcycle, we make more air enter and exit more easily, this results in further impoverishment of the air/gasoline mixture.
  • Have a correct AFR is neccesary for proper engine operation. We will eliminate pulls and rattles at low RPM, we will have an immediate throttle response, exhaust temperatures will decrease, we will get an increase in power and we will avoid long-term wear on our engine.


Compatible Models:

  • KTM:

    • 690 Enduro / Enduro R > 2008 - 2024
    • 690 SM/SMR/SMC > 2008 - 2024

    • 701 Supermoto > 2015 - 2024
    • 701 Enduro > 2015 - 2024

    • ES700 > 2021 - 2024
    • SM700 > 2021 - 2024