Twin Air Air Filter Cleaner 800ml —®

Twin Air Air Filter Cleaner 800ml



Granular filter cleaner, soluble in water. VERY degreasing for excellent filter cleaning. Useful for machine washes as well as by hand. Biodegradable.

Instructions for use:

  • Pour 300 ml of water, as hot as possible, into the specially designed tube for cleaning. Add 100 ml of Bio Dirt Remover to the water (one filter needs 100 ml of product). Completely submerge the filter, using protective or disposable gloves to avoid damaging your hands, and leave it submerged for ten to fifteen minutes. Squeeze the filter several times—without wringing it!—and repeat the process until the dirt has disappeared. Wash the filter with cold, clean water until no more soap is released. Let it dry on a cloth or rag. Once dry, the filter is ready for pre-lubrication again.